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IAF Chief inspects IAF contingent to MONUC

IAF Mi-17 in Congo - MONUC

[Exclusive!] IAF Mi-17 serialled UN-860 for MONUC.

© Anton Alm

IAF Mi-17 in Congo - MONUC

[Exclusive!] IAF Mi-17s serialled UN-860 and UN-861

© Anton Alm

IAF Mi-17 in Congo - MONUC

[Exclusive!] IAF Mi-17 UN-861

© Anton Alm

IAF arrives in Kindu (August 26, 2003).

© Thomas Johannesson Airliners.net

Congo (Kinshasa), June 30, 2005. IAF Mi-25 Z-3129 / UN-859 at Kinhasa.

This rare type is identified by the abscence of chin mounted machine gun. Gun pods are mounted on the wings.

© Hubert Urban Airliners.net

This was the first Mi-25 to arrive in Kindu. (August 27, 2003)

© Thomas Johannesson Airliners.net

Democratic Republic of Congo

Two UN vehicles are placed in front of United Nation Mission in Congo (MONUC) headquarters entrance in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on June 5, 2004 to reinforce the security of the base.

These Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) are designed and manufactured by India.

© Reuters/Corbis

IAF contingent for MONUC © MoD

Senior officer speaking to the men © MoD

Then IAF chief ACM Krishnaswamy speaks to the first IAF contingent to MONUC

Indian Army BMP-2 IFVs in Congo

© MoD

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