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Left : A beautiful picture of an IAF Canberra, attached to the United Nations force in Congo flies over Kolweizi (1960)

Center : A Pakistan Navy's Dassault-Brequet Atlantic Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) flies by the Pakistani coast. One such plane was downed by an IAF MiG-21Bis over India' Rann of Kutch area in 1999.

Right : An IAF MiG-25R Hi-Altitude Hi-Speed recon jet of the Trisonics Sqn in flight. In 1997 a MiG-25R intruded into Pakistani airspace over the capital city of Islamabad. These machines can clock an amazing mach 2.8, though previously they have been recorded at Mach 3.3!


Other Ops and Incidents: Assorted Photo Collection Go

The Atlantique Kill

Factual Account of the Interception (IAF's official statement - includes a Map) Go

Photofeature with pictures of the wreckage. Go

"Pakistanís Aggression From The Air" - By Air Cmde Jasjit Singh (retd.) Go

"Can't Stop the Madness" By Maseeh Rahman, TIME Go

Airspace Incursions and Covert Missions

The Kargil-II Incident Go

Extracts from the book "Spies in the Himalayas" - about a covert mission to place a nuclear powered listening device in a remote Himalayan peak, Go

"Oak Tree" - Extract from the book "The CIA'S Secret War In Tibet". Previously unknown information on ELINT organisation ARC's initial days. Go

In May 1997, an IAF MiG-25R Foxbat-B reconnaissance aircraft created a furore when the pilot flew faster than Mach 2 over Pakistani territory.... [By Peter Steinemann] Go

IAF's Searcher-II Loss on June 07, 2002 Go

Text of India-Pakistan agreement on prevention of airspace violations (PDF file)

United Nations Operations

IAF in MONUC Peacekeeping mission in Congo Go

A detailed description of Op Khukri, that was Launched by the Indian troops in Sierra Leone to rescue peacekeepers being held hostage by the RUF. By Major Anil Raman Go

1962 Sino-India War

AMX-13 Airlift to Chushul by Air Chief Marshal PC Lal Go

1947-48 India Pakistan War

Organising the Srinagar Airlift by Lt Gen S.K. Sinha Go

Counter Terrorism

COIN operations in Ceylon - 1971 Go

A report on the first known use of Mil Mi-8/17 Hip helicopters in the atttack role against terrorists in Kashmir. Go

Offensive fighter ops in North East Go


Air Maintenance Operations

"Challenging Sorties" - An overview of the modern day air logistics in India's North-East Go

"An Ideal Mix Of Man, Machine And Mission" - Another article on the Northeastern air operations Go

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