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Red Flag 2008 : Lecture by USAF Col. Terrence Fornof Go

Exercise Golden Eagle (South Africa) Go

Cope India 2004 - "Analysis and Some Lessons" - Vayu Aerospace review Go

AWST: "3rd Wing Explains 'Cope India' Exercise" Go

"USAF: Indian Exercises Showed Need For F/A-22, Changes In Training" Go


Su-30MKI Information, Pictures and Specs Go

Photofeature: Su-30MKI Go

Interview with Mikhail Simonov - the legend - speaks about his creation: the Su-27 family. Here him talk about many concepts like agilty, the avionics, stealth and their role in combat much more. An absolute must-see for any aviation enthusiast! Go

Interview with Alexey Fedorov - he succeeded Simonov for the Top Job at Sukhoi talks about the Su-30MKI and Russia's 5th Generation fighter. Go

Interview with Victor M. Chepkin - Director General/Designer General of Lyulka-Saturn Go

Interview with Victor Pugachev - Famous Russian test pilot. Go

Su-30MK Vs Mirage-2000-5 Go

Scenarios where the Su-30MK can achieve an Air-to-Air Kill of an F-15 as revealed by classified USAF simulations. Go

The MKI possess many advantages over F-16C and F/A-18E/F. Go


Flt Lt DS Thapa recounts an episode during his armament training when he learnt some useful lessons in fighter combat. Go

Interview with Wg Cdr Rajiv Kothiyal - LCA test pilot who was awarded the prestigous Iven C.Kincheloe trophy for best Professional achievement by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots(SETP) in 2001 Go

Interview with Wg Cdr P Ashoka, a professional test pilot who retired after 50 years and 8000 hours of flying. Go

Excerpts from Flt Lft Shweta Dikshit's diary describing the day she undertook hew first CASEVAC mission. Go

A PLA Air Force officer who came on an exchange visit to the IAF writes his impression of his hosts' training. Go


Aircraft Cockpits Go

Aircraft in Action Go

Some IAF Su-30MKs were painted in the colours of the national flag for India's Republic Day Go

(Humor) General Musharraf and the War On Terror Go

Military Hardware:

The Story behind IAF's first nuclear bombs Go

AGM: Kh-25 Go

The MiG-29 Vs F-16 Go

Other Airforces of the Indian Subcontinent:

Interview with Sqn Ldr Sameen Mazhar - an experienced F-16 pilot with the PAF. Go

On 29 April 1987, PAF shot down one of its own F-16s. Go

The Subcontinet's Airforces on the covers. Go

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