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All photos: Peter Steineman, skyline-apa.com.au

All MiG types of the IAF - A MiG-25R (No.102 Trisonics) leads a MiG-27ML (No.9 Wolfpacks), a MiG-29 (No.223 Tridents), a MiG-23MF (No.224 Warlords) and a MiG-21MF (No.101 Falcons) 
- Aircraft & Aerospace - Australia

SLAF IAI Kfir C-2 from No.10 Sqdn - AirForces Monthly - UK 2 IAF - MiG-23BN of the No. 221 Sqdn - JP4 - Italy

PAF J-6, Mirage V and F-16 on the cover of Steinemann's book ASIAN AIRPOWER, published by Osprey Publishing

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